Friday, 23 March 2012

Gossipers, Hypocrites and Backstabbers

The first time I met M she was a sweet as syrup.  She seemed so genuine and welcoming of me that I completely let down my guard - Zel and I both thought this was someone we could both have as a friend... little did I know...  You know that old saying about keep your friends close and your enemies closer?  Well it certainly applies to this one..

Towards the end of last year when things went sour between Zel and I, Zel spent a great deal of time with M - considering her a friend.  M and her "gang" spun a whole bunch of lies into Zel's ear - this in turn fuelled Zel's rage towards me.  They spent a great deal of energy telling Zel what a terrible person and pathological liar T was.

About a month into my relationship with T, M suddenly turned on Zel - and then started telling T what a terrible person Zel is and how I was better off with T than with Zel.

I know this is confusing, but stay with me...

When T and I broke up, M was suddenly best friends with T again and spinning all sorts of lies into T's ear .. which she is still doing..  About how Zel and I were actually still seeing each other behind T's back.  Say what???  This is completely ridiculous, as Zel and I were not on speaking terms for the entire duration of my relationship with T.

Now bring into the fold K..  K was supposedly Zel's best friend (who is now sleeping with Zel's ex girlfriend W).  K was also always so sweet to me.  I opened up to her about some very personal things to do with my childhood.  As far as I knew, K and I had built quite a friendship and she went to a great deal of trouble to tell me how she will always be there for me.. and how much she liked me... blah blah blah.. Only for me to find out very recently that K told Zel that she had never liked me... not even from Day 1.  I have been so hurt by this revelation as I opened up to K about some very personal issues, which I am sure are now being used as dinner conversations for all of them. 

A couple of weeks ago Zel and I went to a party, K was there, and she hugged and greeted me like a long lost friend.  What a two-faced bitch!

Now lets get to Zel's ex-girlfriend.  W has been against Zel and I being together from the start.  In the beginning I held my tongue, and gave W the respect I thought she deserved being Zel's ex.  Zel explained to me that W was just raising concerns for Zel's involvement with me out of love for Zel and wanting to protect her from getting hurt by a married woman with children - this respect has now gone out the window... why you may ask?  The answer is simple..

1.  W has always said that I am taking advantage of Zel and not looking out for Zel's best interest.  I find this incredibly difficult to believe when W is the one who has taken from Zel everything she can in order to further herself.  She has borrowed, begged and stolen from Zel and has now left Zel in a very tough corner that is difficult to get out of.  W came to Zel and begged for Zel to do something for her that would put serious strain on Zel's life.  Zel did it out of love for W... on the condition that certain things were completed by the end of last year... these things have still not been completed and when Zel asked W for help, W's response was, "sorry, not at this time"  Which has now left my long suffering girlfriend in some trouble.

2.  W always said it was me she didn't like, that I, with my complicated life, was bad for Zel... However, when Zel and I were out of contact, Zel dated someone else.  Someone who has no complications and truly is as sweet as syrup.  This girl too was met with the cold front and W and "the gang" were less than welcoming to this soul too.  Which leaves me to question whether W just wants Zel to be single and miserable so W can keep leeching off Zel for the rest of her life.

Now add to all of this that Zel was left to figure out for herself that K and W were seeing each other.  Neither of them gave Zel the respect she deserves by telling her face to face that her ex girlfriend (they dated for about 9 years) and her best friend were in fact sleeping together.

Now enter the fact that W, K and M are all close friends... and have completely cut Zel out of their lives because Zel and I are now dating. 

After our fallout last year, my friends too were sceptical about Zel and I getting serious, but my friends have accepted Zel with open arms, and are taking the stance that if I am happy, then they are happy.  Zel's friends however have completely cut her out and abandoned her - not only that, they all deserted her for the celebration of her 30th birthday - how cruel can people be???  The pain that this caused and is still causing Zel is something I will not soon forget.

So.. to the three of you:  My time of keeping my mouth shut to all of you is done.  Last year you thought me weak because I let you carry on and never stood up for myself.  That time is now over.  My strength, as well as my resolve to protect my girlfriend from your gossipping, lying and selfish ways is more formidable than you think...  So I say to you.. watch yourselves.. and if you see me walking towards you, run and hide.. I will no longer be quite to your sanctimonious, hypocritical ways.. and if you have something to say about me, then for the first time in your lives at least have enough of a spine to say it to my face.

To my friends, I wish to once again say a big thank you, from both Zel and myself, for showing us what true friendship is all about


spaz22 said...

Seriously i would not post this it sounds really arb and strange and well i do not believe that you should associate yourself with these arb people if u can even call them that WTF?

Kerren said...

Thanks for the comment Spazz...

Lol.. I see your point.. but they are Zel's friends nevertheless.. or they were at any rate... then they went nuts.. and now.. well.. time will tell.