Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Reflection results in clarity

( Sodahead )

Sometimes I wonder if we ever learn certain lessons...

Take my Husky for example, she is 7 years old, she is obedience trained, she is far calmer these days than when she was a puppy.  Yet still she is unable to grasp the concept that if she charges through the house and launches herself onto my bed - no matter how gorgeous she is -I will not let her sleep there!  Having a Jack Russel sleeping on the bed is one thing, but having a full grown husky sleeping on the bed is no joke!  She takes over the whole bed and it annoys me. 

Tonight I feel sort of how she must feel after she has once again been banished from my room.. Kind of like: Arggggghhh, will I ever get it right?"

I keep making the same error in one aspect of my life.

I maintain the same course of action every time I am in this situation.  Nine times out of ten, the result is not in my favour.  So you would think that perhaps with these kinds of odds against me, I would attempt a new course upon entering the ring for the following round... but no.. Not I!!!

Isn't something missing?

Perhaps I should finally lay down new rules of engagement for this particular test in my time here on this rock?

Excellent idea Kerren :)

Right.. Rules of Engagement:
1.   Start how you mean to finish.
2.  Engage both head and heart
3.  Remember that growth is the goal
4.  Remember that truth is the ultimate communication
5.  At all times remain open - do not build walls
6.  However, pay attention when your instincts warn caution
7.  Live without regret

How long until my soul gets it right?

Let it be this time...

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