Saturday, 1 August 2009

How to win friends..

So.. the big question on my mind today, is what makes a friend a friend?

When is someone a friend and when are they just an acquaintance? And on the other side, what makes someone an enemy? When do you get to the point that forces you into enemy status?

There are people in my world whom I have never met - and yet I count them as friends. There is one in particular whom I a way that I cannot accurately articulate here. It is a sense of someone, without having to meet them - sixth sense.. women's intuition.. call it what you will..

There are people in my world who call themselves friends.. and yet, I do not regard them as confidants - when I am in trouble I do not turn to them. If I do not turn to them in my time of need, then why do I keep them in my circle of friends? Should I not rather remove them from my life and have fewer friends who I trust as apposed to many who mean nothing? Which brings me to the question of trust.. How do you decide when someone is trustworthy? When do they make it into your circle of trust? I have people in my social circle whom I have known for years - we hang out together and have a great time together, but there are things about me that I would never share with them. In fact, I would go so far as to say that some of them do not have a clue who the real me is.. I shape-shift myself to conform to what I assume is their expectation of me.

Some of them may even be reading this blog.. ...and then there is Sam...

Sam and I click.. like I have clicked with very few people in this world - I can tell Sam anything..and I mean ANYTHING.. and she never judges me. She never reprimands or uses that condescending tone people take on when they do not approve. Sam listens.. evaluates and responds in an open and honest way. She is not guarded with me. There are no pretences.. no walls... no expectations.

I think that is the core reason why our friendship is so solid - we have no expectations of the other.. we just are..

So thank you my friend.. for being my friend..I know I am not always easy to get along with.. sometimes I am downright impossible, but you take it all in your stride. You accept me for who I am, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I pray we grow old together and one day.. when we both have our purple rinses and ugly little poodles (kinda like Frankenbutt you have now), I hope we can still go out and rock the place!!!


Ninnles said...

Friends are people who love you just as you are - even those who know your deepest, darkest secrets.

Samibabe said...

I feel honoured, you have no idea! Thank you for being such a fantastic, absolutely awesome person. I am so lucky to have a friend like you, the type of which only comes around once in a lifetime. We WILL grow old together, purple hair and all, but did you have to bring the dog into it...ha ha ha. Here's to rocking the world with walkers...whoo hoo!!!Love you my friend!

Husband said...

Let me Judge them for you, your sense of 'people' is sometimes....ok most of the times wacked....

Don't make me bring up the past...LOL